Where You Live Gatherings:

(formerly known as Living Room Meetings)

A member of the P I T T S B U R G H Society of Artists can organize their own meeting of other PSA members who live close to them. To do this, communicate your intention to organize a gathering by contacting programs@pittsburghsocietyofartists.comWe will give you suggestions to get your meeting going. One or two Board members will try to attend as well if their schedules allows.

What is a Where You Live Gathering?

We are a large organization and quite spread out in greater Pittsburgh and beyond. A Where You Live Gathering allows our members to take a more active grassroots role in sharing their art and what they know informally with each other geographically. By meeting together and inspiring each other in a meeting they plan themselves, it makes a large organization more of a neighborhood get together.

The purpose is to create a sense of art fellowship and friendship with those who live near you. Pittsburgh Society of Artists does not seek to organize these groups, but to allow members to self-organize. The practicality of getting to know members who live near you is obvious when it comes to dropping off and picking up artwork and carpooling to events.

A group of PSA members, for instance, who reside in a neighborhood, (our region is not always defined by zip code) school district or distant suburb, can arrange to meet with each other via a Where You Live Gathering either in a living room or studio of a member or at a local library, community center or coffee shop.

This is for sharing your art, your motivations for your work, technical things you have learned that others may want to know. Such meetings can also be used for brainstorming about informal opportunities to exhibit your art locally in libraries, community centers or coffee shops.

If there are PSA Exhibition post cards or PSA New Member Screening postcards to be picked up for distribution, members attending can learn who among them will be near Pittsburgh Center for the Arts to pick up some to bring to the Where You Live Gathering. This will be a great distribution tool.

Programs can be about inspiration and motivation for your art; where do ideas and your own art direction come from? You will be able to share personal stories about your artwork development. Everyone brings an example of their own art, or a piece they are working on. Other ideas could be to bring an art book that is inspiring or someone else’s artwork they are motivated by, or a piece of writing about art that inspires them.

P I T T S B U R G H Society of Artists is a 501(c)(4) organization. Pittsburgh, PA

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